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Paul's Flight Deck is my humble attempt to provide all the resources in a step by step guide to build your own Boeing 737-800 Simulator in one place.  From soldering each wire to each pin on an Arduino to what model switch or button was used and the code to make it all work.  Some will be my own work and some will be links and references to other resources (with their expressed permission) who have already done an amazing job of providing information on a certain part of the build.  I'm not out to recreate the wheel so to speak, just make it easier for others to find all the information required without spending hours of research for minutes of productivity.  


After getting the flight sim bug I spent some time looking at tutorials and add-ons for X-Plane 11 to make the experience better.  It didn't take long to find videos of other flight simmers with their own cockpits.  I somewhat entertained the idea and started to casually research how I might go about building my own.  What started as a less than likely dream developed into an actual project and it has taken almost 9 months to gather research and develop a plan to launch.  One of the biggest challenges for me has been sourcing information.  I'm thankful that so many people have shared their knowledge freely but it takes a lot of time to hop around the internet gathering bits and pieces, it would be so much easier if someone would just create an entire guide on how to build a cockpit.  I haven't found one, and I don't think it exists...yet.  So I decided I'd be the guy to release the first comprehensive source laid out step by step making the process of building your own 737 cockpit as simple as it can be.


So far I've spent 8 hours learning the basics of Arduino, 200+ hours researching other builders and resources like www.cockpitbuilders.com, x-plane.org, www.737diysim.com, www.buildaboeing.com, the Zibo Cockpit Builders FB page, and other various resources for "backyard" electrical and mechanical engineering.  I've started a udemy class for getting more in depth with Arduino which contains 281 lectures with 30+ hours of video instruction to really understand its capabilities.  It's along road ahead and I'm looking forward to both the challenges and the rewards along the way.  

Paul Perry
Sim Pilot & Site Owner

I'm 34 years old, live in South Carolina, and I have too many interests and hobbies to count.  Some do stick better than others and Flight Simulation is definitely one of them. I've been an I.T. guy my entire career and this is largely due to my love for gaming.  One minute your at a friend's house at your first LAN party getting your nerd on, then you're going to school for Network and Server Administration.  No regrets!  Other major interests are in motors and mechanical tinkering followed by woodworking, sporting clays and acoustic guitar. The rest are too short lived to mention, but I'm always jumping from one interest to the next.  I've always liked things that require my brain and my hands, so sitting in front of a TV like a vegetable isn't enough to keep me entertained.  I'm always working on something and I'm happy I have plenty to keep me busy with the 737 cockpit build.  I'm here to have fun and help others by sharing my experiences and what I learn from them.